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Gate Operator and Access Controls

Architectural Doors and Hardware can equip your new or existing gate with an operating system to give you ease of use, convenient access to your property while maintaining security and attractive design. ADH offers gate operators and access controls for every application including Solar operators and DC systems as well as 120V - 480V with a variety of options.

Operator Designs/Applications

  • gate operators
    Linear screw-type
  • Gear-reduced chain drive
  • Hydraulic:
            Swing gates, Slide gates, Vertical pivot, Barrier arm

  • Can't get power to the gate?

    Try our Apollo® or Elite Miracle-One® brand gate operators
    -Use the power of the sun to operate your gate-

  • 12VDC systems using on- board storage batteries
  • Variety of solar panel options from 5 - 40 watt with optional configurations available
  • Single or Dual (Master/Second) set ups for split gates
  • Accepts most accessories such as keypads, loops, radio and 2-way communication, and more
  • Dependable operation where unobstructed south sun exposure exists
  • Available 110VAC-low amp for battery charging where sun can't be used, still providing battery operation during power failure
  • 2-year Manufacturers' Warranty , compact design and reliable operation
  • Residential and Light Commercial ratings-UL325 compliant

  • Power not a problem?

    Check out these gate operators from Liftmaster®, Elite® and DoorKing®
    -Home, Farm, Business, Gated Community, Industrial, High-Security Facility-

  • Dependable electrical motors and heavy-duty components
  • Multiple voltage applications available in single and 3 phase when needed
  • Battery back-up systems available on most models for Fail-safe/Fail-secure needs
  • Accepts all accessories including keypads, telephone entry, loops, emergency access and more
  • Single or Dual (Master/Second) set ups for split gates
  • Quick-Disconnect feature on most models
  • Residential Duty to Commercial Continuous Duty cycle
  • Private home or Farm to Gated Community or Industrial Facility
  • Warranties from 2-Year to 7-Year Residential ( depending on Model and application )

  • Access Controls

    Access Control Systems
    Gate operator systems function only as well as the devices that control them and at Architectural Doors & Hardware we have assembled some of the finest in products when it comes to access controls. Simplicity and reliability are key to quality access component and we carry products from manufactures such as Liftmaster, Sentex, Elite, DoorKing, SDC, Ritron, HID, and more with applications for multiple voltages including solar and 12VDC Some of the possibilities include:

  • Free Entry or locking pushbuttons for interior and exterior use
  • Lighted Keypad entry and exit with optional time zone code access
  • Telephone entry via home line or dedicated number with remote programming and access capabilities, including software for computer upload and monitoring
  • Wireless Access with voice communication via VHF/UHF base station and portable handsets
  • Vehicle and Personnel access via HID proximity readers, barcode scanners, IDFlex similar to EZPass for high volume traffic and monitoring , and more.
  • Radio receiver and remote transmitter capability compatible with HomeLink in-vehicle systems
  • Keypad pedestals and custom housings for specialty applications including columns and walls

  • Loop Controls

    Wireless access control
    Magnetic loops are the mainstay of traffic signal control and gate control and safety uses the same technology when it comes to providing reliable gate control.

  • Loop entry and exit control for free access or timed for controlled restricted access
  • Safety and close loops for swing, sliding and barrier/pivot type gates
  • Loop sensors for vehicle detection, security alerts and surveillance
  • Various types for paved, unpaved and specialty roadway applications

  • Safety Systems

    Gate Operators
    Incorporating safety into a gate system is critical to not only preventing vehicle damage but ensuring the safety of people as they pass back and forth through the entry point you have provided. Emergency vehicle access is also critical to gain access to the property in an emergency situation. UL325 sets standards for gate design and operator function and, in order to accomplish this, the use of various types of products is necessary to prevent entrapment.

  • Inherent gate operator entrapment sensing required on all operators
  • PhotoEyes, both reflective and emitter/receiver
  • Safety edge systems using wireless technology via RF control
  • Audible/visible warning during gate operation via alarm and strobe or beacon
  • Loop controls for vehicle detection- can be set for presence or pulse sensing
  • Emergency access via strobe sensor, Knox-Box or Siren Operated Sensor (SOS) used by local fire, rescue and law enforcement as required.
  • Battery backup systems for gate operators and access controls.

  • automatic gates

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